Why Are Recommendation Letters So Important?

A letter of recommendation for college or work is essential for helping your future institute or employer learn more about you as an individual. It helps them gain more insight into who you are as an individual apart from your resume. It is a tool that highlights your commitment to your goals, your work ethic, your consistency and much more.

Are you wondering, why do I need a recommendation letter? when you’ve already submitted all your documents and statement of purpose?

It’s because getting a report about you from another source helps institutes and employers shortlist candidates. They feel a sense of reassurance knowing that someone else can vouch for your credibility, thus increasing your chances of being selected.

Here’s what you need to know about the importance of recommendation letters.

There are two main reasons for letters of recommendation. Almost all colleges require them for new students. Many workplaces also prefer if you have a letter. The goal of letters for either occasion is similar: to discuss information about you, your character, and your skills.


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Letters of Recommendation for Employees

If you’re looking for a job, a well-written letter can give you an upper hand over other potential employees. Reference letters for employees include information about your qualifications, your previous job (if you had one), the responsibilities you had and how successfully you upheld them, and what benefits you bring to an organization.

You’d be mistaken if you think that any letter written about your abilities is enough to increase your chances of being hired. This isn’t the entire picture. The letter about you needs to specifically highlight how your skills and abilities are going to help with the growth and development of the company you want to work with.

Employers look for personalization. They want to read a letter that convinces them that you will make an excellent addition to their team. What you’ve written about your goals and ambitions is your personal take—but what someone else says about you stems from a place of experience and observation—making it all the more encouraging to consider you for employment.

You also have to remember that often, you can’t use the same reference letters for several organizations. As we’ve mentioned above, the letter must suit the position you’re applying to.

So, if you’ve applied for numerous jobs that each require a unique skillset—recommendation letters that focus on those talents will have have more weight than a general letter that doesn’t refer to any particular abilities that you need for your new job.

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Letters of Recommendation for College Applications

Reference letters for college are imperative if you want to pursue higher education. These letters discuss your strengths as a motivated and open-minded student who is willing to put in the work it takes to get a degree. Because colleges receive thousands of applications every season—a perfectly written recommendation letter plays a major role in your chances of getting admission.

Not only do they focus on your strengths—they’re written from the professional viewpoint of someone who recognizes your potential. Someone who can see that you’re going to make a positive and effective addition to the workforce if you’re given a chance to study at that institution.

This is extremely important for colleges because they take pride in the students they teach. They want students who are promising and full of potential so that they can hone their skills and send them out into the real world.

A recommendation letter that guarantees that you are a student who has shown initiative and interest in bettering society—and using the university’s education to make a difference, is sure to put you in the limelight.

Other important factors in such a reference letter are details about your inclination towards the subjects you have applied for, your performance in your previous place of education, especially with respect to the degree that you want to pursue.

Drop out and low employment rates in graduates can tarnish a university’s image. It discourages future prospects from applying and can make people question the quality of education offered by a college. Hence, most universities will ask you to submit at least two reference letters that reassure them of your future career aspirations and your resilience to persevere through tough academic requirements.


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What other Factors make Reference Letters so Important?

In an arena where numerous other candidates could have the same qualification as you—your grades and your previous work experience don’t make a strong enough impression. This is why colleges and workplaces have to find additional ways to learn more about the people they are about to invest in.

A letter of recommendation helps them learn about you from other sources, making you more than just an applicant. A well-rounded letter that speaks about you as a person and as an employee or student creates a more holistic idea of you are as an individual in your future employer or college’s perception.

Of course, anyone can write about their strong points and boast about their work ethic on their own. This is why your own statement contributes to only half of the perception that an organization needs before making a judgment.

When a professional with experience can back up those claims, an organization can assimilate what you say about yourself with how others have perceived you in the past. This, coupled with your grades and your experience, can determine how well your interview goes.

A well-spoken of individual has more chances of being warmly received by the interviewer. You also get more opportunities to talk about yourself—because interviewers see you as someone who has impressed people in the past.


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