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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I request revisions to my recommendation letter after delivery?

A. Yes. All orders come with unlimited revisions. We don't stop editing until you are happy.



Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. All orders are delivered in under 24 hours



Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on delivered recommendation letters. Our work is custom and we can't repackage it and give it to another customer. 

We do offer unlimited revisions to your letter until you are satisfied so you most likely won't need a refund. We only write quality recommendation letters according to the specifications you give us.


Q. Do you do custom orders? 

A. Yes. Not everyone needs their recommendation letter for school or work so we do offer custom letters to fit your needs just use the contact us link below to ask us what you need.