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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I request revisions to my recommendation letter after delivery?

A. Yes. All orders come with unlimited revisions. We don't stop editing until you are satisfied.


Q. What differentiates from similar services?

A. Having great letters of recommendation is one of the most crucial factors when applying to schools. However, both the student and the recommender may find the letter-submitting process to be time-consuming, frustrating or downright impossible. In this respect, differs from other services of a similar nature.

The option to submit letters of reference through systems like LIONCAS, CASPA, NursingCAS, PTCAS, SOPHAS, GRADCAS, and Interfolio is one of's distinctive characteristics. Since these systems do not support standard public email accounts like Gmail or Outlook, this is a crucial advantage for students. Since they cannot submit their own letters of recommendation through these portals, students are unable to do so.

Students may be confident that their letters of recommendation will be delivered promptly and effectively by using without the need for extra procedures or bother. The crew at has expertise with these systems and is familiar with all of their nuances. They can ensure that each letter is customized to the needs of the student because they are aware of the particular requirements for each school and program.

Additionally,'s service extends beyond simple submission. In collaboration with recommenders, their staff of skilled writers and editors creates tailored letters that showcase the student's distinct talents and accomplishments. They make an effort to ensure that each letter sent is of the highest caliber since they are aware of how crucial a great letter of reference is in the admissions process.

In conclusion, is your best option if you're a student looking for a trustworthy and effective means to send your letters of recommendation. They actually distinguish themselves from other similar firms with their capacity to submit through internet portals and their individualized service. Put your faith in's experience to assist you in achieving your academic and career objectives.


Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. All orders are delivered in under 48 hours.


Q. Can my letters be submitted to a school through an online portal?

A. Yes. We can and do submit most of our customer's letters to their school of choice or other programs all the time. This is just one of the things that separates us from others who just write letters. Schools require professional email addresses for submissions which most people cannot provide. 


Q. Do you use professional email addresses to submit recommendation letters?

A. Yes. We would never use a generic email provider like GMAIL or Outlook to submit your documents. Submitting letters of recommendation through online portals is one of the main reasons people use our service. Writing the letters is the easy part but getting your hands on real company email addresses is a hurdle you cannot overcome without help. 


Q. How does the letter submission process work?

A. After you have reviewed your letter(s) we then provide you with the email addresses of each writer and you then give the school or program that information. They will email us and we will respond to the email by logging in to the online portal system and completing the process. We evaluate you using the Likert scale (survey) if necessary and then upload the letter of recommendation. All of this is included in the price of your documents for the first school or program. Additional submissions are extra.


Q. Do universities call or check with recommenders?

A. We have never been contacted by a school to verify anything. 

Using a service like ours is a calculated risk. If a school/job contacts 1 in 100 referrers you most likely won't be the one who gets picked and even if you are it still won't matter. 

The worst case scenario is we wouldn't respond and the school/job would just give up and accept/hire you anyway. They can't not accept/hire you just because your recommender never responded to them. People who use real recommenders have had their writers not respond to the school or job and still got accepted/hired. 
In our experience, if a school or job doesn't specifically say they are going to contact the referrer they won't do it. You have to realize the people that read recommendation/reference letters read hundreds or even thousands per year. They won't have the time or desire to check. It would simply be impractical for each school to verify the validity of each recommender.
Additionally, we will never disclose your name or the fact that you used our service to any school, employer, or other interested parties. Using our service is completely confidential.


Q.  Do you provide sample letters to review before I place my order?

A. No. We don't offer sample recommendation letters but you can read our reviews to get a better idea of the quality of work we do. 


Q. Do you offer refunds?

A. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on delivered recommendation letters. Our work is custom and we can't repackage it and give it to another customer. 

We do offer unlimited revisions to your letter until you are satisfied so you most likely won't need a refund. We only write quality recommendation letters according to the specifications you give us.


Q. Do you do custom orders? 

A. Yes. Not everyone needs their recommendation letter for school or work so we do offer custom letters to fit your needs just email us at the address above to ask us what you need.


Q. Will anyone find out that I used this service? 

A. We take your privacy extremely seriously. The only people we will EVER talk to about your order(s) is you.